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March 30, 2012 marks a significant deadline for Investment Advisory (IA) firms throughout the nation.  Due to proposed regulations, which was derived, from Dodd-Frank (Wall Street Regulatory Reform and Consumer Protections Act), SEC has mandated that all mid-size IA firms deregister with the SEC and register with their principal states.  

Sara Moline

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On the main campus of the George Washington University, top strategists in Social Media marketing, including those from Facebook, Discovery Communications and MTV gathered for the annual What’s Next D.C. conference.

Staying true to the theme of progress and prosperity, Tod Plotkin, Principal of Green Buzz Agency, hosted the annual What’s Next D.C. conference, providing business types the chance to improve their strategies.

Henry Odeniran

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Can you tell us a little about yourself and your work at LCOR?

Currently largely Hispanic immigrants, Admans Morgan is quickly being gentrified by professionals.

What's the best business-related advice you received that you would pass on to young entrepreneurs?

The Southwest Waterfront has experienced different periods of transition and is now in a new phase of development. The city’s smallest quadrant is bounded by the Southwest Freeway to the North, Fort McNair to the South, and South Capitol Street to the East.

Kaizen Karate Teaches The Japanese Concept for Health and self-Improvement

The next time you go under the knife, or a soldier returns home after being wounded in action, you might want to thank SimQuest – a company behind a variety of medical training simulations and software solutions custom-designed for their clients. Founded in 2001 by renowned surgeon Howard Champion, MD, SimQuest has three product lines – simulation, gaming and training, and trauma data analysis.