What Made Intrexon Corp’s Stock Price Surge Over 10 Percent?

Germantown, Maryland-based Intrexon Corporation (NYSE:XON) stock was recently upgraded by EVA Dimensions last week but that doesn’t explain yesterdays price surge of more than 10 percent for the company.

Intrexon was the third most price-trending stock on Google Finance yesterday, the stock price of the company increased more than 11.46 percent (+ $3.14) to close at $30.55 per share.

A few reasons that could have driven Intrexon’s stock price higher,

·         On March 7, 2014, Intrexon reported its completed purchase of San Diego-based Medistem (OTCQB: MEDS) for its universal donor adult-derived stem cells developments which are suited for therapeutic use with Intrexon’s own synthetic biology technologies.

·         On March 10, 2014, Intrexon entered a collaborative agreement with Amneal Pharmaceuticals to develop an improved production process for a complex active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

·         On March 11, 2014, the company was issued a patent from The United States Patent and Trade Mark Office  for the “Novel Substitution Mutant Receptors and Their Use in a Nuclear Receptor-Based Inducible Gene Expression System” on. The patent was filed back in August 2007.

·         On March 12, 2014, Intrexon presented at the Barclays Global Healthcare Conference in Miami, Florida.

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