Volkswagen February 2011 Sales

            The European automaker who's headquarters in the U.S. is located in Herdon Virginia, announced nationwide sales in the month of february 2011 of 21,461 units, up18/5% from february of 2010. The company has expressed satisfaction of the new Jetta sales of 21,591 units being the automakers top headline model of 2011 to date; Which is important, due to the lineups of cars that have been underperforming in the U.S. as other models such as the A5/A6, and the CC have sold 2,000 each.

             Despite the recent increase in salesin the month of February, the manufacturer has not made strides inthe U.S. tying to market their models but have not met the expectations that the company has had as they have been in rebuilding mode with new technology and new features. The all new 2011 Volkswagen models come with standard equipped electronic stabalization programto attract buyers to put the emphasis on safety issues as well as the TDI clean Diesel models made up of 19.6% total of sales with 57% ofGolf models using the new technology that is reported by a record high according to reports.

            The company expressed satisfaction inthe all new Jetta, as it has exceeded expectations in the 2011 calendar year specifically in the TDI models which are expected to arrive at 43 miles per gallon on the highway reported by thecompany's Chief Operating Officer.

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