United Therapeutics (UTHR) Earnings Versus Analyst Estimates For Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results

Silver Spring, Md-based United Therapeutics Corporation (NASDAQ: UTHR) remained profitable and increased revenues in the second quarter of 2015 but despite the growth, the company fell short of exceeding key analyst estimates .

The biotechnology company focused on treating pulmonary hypertension reported revenues of $347.2 million in the second quarter of 2015 compared to $322.8 million in the same time last year. President and Co-Chief Executive Officer Roger Jeffs, Ph.D., noted, "Orenitram® sales grew nearly 300% as compared to the second quarter of 2014 when the product was first launched,"

Orenitram made up for a decline in sales of Tyvaso and Adcirca. 13 Analyst predicted an average estimate of $360.41 million in revenues.

One of the largest biotechnology companies in Montgomery County remained profitable, earning net income of $99.2 million or $1.91 per diluted share. Non-GAAP earnings reported were $2.55 per diluted share. The average earnings estimate of 11 analysts is $2.31.

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