Tegna (NYSE: TGNA) Invests in What's Seen as Video Technology of the Future

Only a day after splitting from Gannett, newly formed Tegna Inc (NYSE: TGNA), is already making it's own investment in another business.

The McLean, Va-based company has taken a stake in the Video Call Center, LLC (VCC). The company with a facility in Palisades, NY has patented video technology that allows them to create original content from video callers using television workflow processes.

“We believe this digital technology will foster innovation in the area of live, interactive programming across multiple platforms,” said Dave Lougee, president, TEGNA Media. “This forward-thinking partnership positions us well digitally, and in the future, as the VCC seamlessly combines social media, television and the web to maximize viewer engagement.”

The goal of the technology is to create full shows from callers selected by a show host while all of it is happening in real-time. Founder, creator and chairman of The Video Call Center believes that within five years video caller television will be will be common place side by side with cable and broadcast television as well as web services looking to interact with the viewer.

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