PharmAthene Reaches Milestone on Anthrax Drug

Annapolis based biotechnology company PharmAthene, Inc has reached a pivotal milestone in its development of an Anthrax prevention drug.

The biodefense biotech said that its SparVax™ rPA Anthrax Vaccineachieved a 36 month final product stability.

"Demonstration of 36 month final product stability is considered an important technical milestone under our current contract with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). We are extremely pleased to announce this achievement, which suggests that our rPA product candidate is both highly stable and potent. Stability has historically been a stumbling block for other recombinant anthrax vaccine programs, so we're especially excited about these ongoing results, which represent an important breakthrough for PharmAthene's rPA vaccine program. " stated Dr. Thomas Fuerst, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of PharmAthene

Fuerst also noted that PharmAthene has developed an advantage in its manufacturing process, increasing rPA yields six-fold without destructive side effects because it utilizes E. coli rather than B. anthracis.

PharmAthene, Inc focuses on developing drugs that counteract biological and chemical weapons. It's clients include government defense agencies including the United States. It's lead drug SparVax™ is currently in phase II.

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