National Harbor Tech Company Teams Up With Michigan High School Association To Fight Sports Concussions

The topic of concussions in sports has taken on a lot of awareness of the last few years especially in football. That’s one of the reasons why National Harbor, Md.-based XLNTbrain Sport was selected by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) to further educate and check student athletes over the course of the 2015-2016 school year.

"Under MHSAA protocols, the initial removal from play decisions at school-managed venues are made by school-designated personnel. There are not enough medical professionals to cover all the venues where school sports practices occur for all levels of all sports," MHSAA Executive Director Jack Roberts noted. "During the 2015-16 school year, the MHSAA is orchestrating two pilot programs that have the overall objective of bringing more attention to the critically important removal from play process and subsequent reporting and record keeping."

According to Dr. Harry Kerasidis, to help the process of identifying concussions as soon as possible, XLNTbrain Sport has developed a smartphone mobile app which will help coaches and assistants on the sideline make an assessment during the course of action at games as well as practice

"Should a concussion injury be suspected, the system automatically generates a notification to parents and medical professionals, and creates a recovery protocol and post-injury tracking so the right people can monitor the athlete's progress. Then, the system assists medical professionals with the all-important return-to-learn and return-to-play clearance."

Slowly but surely, the days of high school coaches telling their players to shake it off after getting knocked down or even looking down upon their players if they have a head ache are fading away. It’s not a coincidence that this alliance is occurring in a time when the NFL has been targeted for what many have called mishandling of protocols when it comes to concussions. XLNTbrain Sport plans on reducing the number of injuries and taking action before irreversible damage can occur including sending automaticreports to parents and assigned medical personnel.

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