Minnesota State Government Weighs Down U.S. Employment Growth

Nonfarm payroll increased by 117,000 for July , 2011 but the unemployment rate stayed flat at 9.1% or down 0.1% from June 2011.

There were 13.9 Million unemployed persons and 153.2 Million in the labor force. The number of discouraged workers stayed the same as a year earlier totaling 1.1 Million.

Health care was the job growth leader adding 31,000 jobs while government continued to weigh down employment growth shedding 37,000 jobs. State job losses were the bulk of that loss with 25,000 positions eliminated. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics noted one state government in particular—Minnesota state government—was almost entirely responsible for the job loss because of a partial government shutdown.

Average hourly earnings for private nonfarm payroll increased 10 cents or 0.4% to $23.13 in July 2011.

Total unemployed U-6 indicator stood at 16.1%. The measure takes into account those unemployed including part time workers as well as all persons marginally attached to the labor market.

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