Human Genome Sciences Readies For Expansion

Human Genome Sciences Wants to Expand for Benylsta Lupus Drug -- Rockville, Maryland -- Metro Business Media

Fresh off an approval of Benlysta by the European Commission (EC) to sell the first Lupus drug in 56 years— Human Genome Sciences (NASDAQ: HGSI) next strategy is to make sure they can meet projected worldwide demand that could soar to revenues as high as $6 Billion annually.

Rockville-based Human Genome Sciences received approval from the Montgomery County Planning Board July 28, 2011—to build a 125,000 square foot facility on its main burgeoning campus off Shady Grove Road. The new building on its 46 acre campus is in the heart of Montgomery County's Life Science District.

The purpose: to expand production of Benlysta—the first marketable drug from HGSI that received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only in March of this year.

The planned structure labeled Building 'D' for now, will be research/development and office space and is expected to be consistent with the existing buildings on the site—fluid curving design, with full-curtain-glass wall facades.

The area bounded by Shady Grove, Darnestown and Travilah roads has been bustling with construction over the past few years. The University System of Maryland, Shady Grove campus finished the construction of SG III approximately three years ago. The new building features a much larger library/study space, class rooms and even a gym. Later on a parking facility was built on the growing campus which is within walking distance to the Human Genome Sciences property.

Heading less than a mile north, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is building a massive new facility totaling more than 500,000 square feet. NCI will move administrative and research personnel from the National Institute of Health (NIH) to dual-interconnected buildings on the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus. The construction project is one of the largest in the entire D.C. area.

As for HGSI's Building 'D', the development of the new manufacturing facility is expected to achieve a minimum of LEED certified rating. The development is only a portion of Phase 1A that will eventually total up-to 625,000 square feet on a tract zoned as MXN (Mixed Use Neighborhood Zone).

With three existing and occupied structures already on the property, Building 'D' will be the fourth of what could be up to eight buildings totaling over 1 million square feet.

Human Genome Sciences — Building 'D'

  • Brand New Class A Lab/Office/Manufacturing space
  • 125,000 square feet
  • Height: 64'feet
  • 327 surface parking spaces
  • Zone: MXN
  • Total Development: 625,000 square feet
  • Total HGSI campus acres: 46.26

Correction to the article: In the paragraph noting the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the new NCI facility under construction is not next to the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus but actually being constructed on the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus.

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