General Dynamics Corporation (NYSE:GD) Vice President Files Stock Transactions

The vice president of defense contractor, General Dynamics Corporation (NYSE:GD), made the following stock transactions on July 1st 2015, with SEC filing dated July 6th 2015.

Mark Lagrand Burns acquired 155 common stock shares on July 1st giving him a total of 17,629.05 shares after his transactions.

Burns also exercised a stock option derivative at an average price of $143.33. The total number of shares is 1,600 and the expiration is 06/03/2025. The total value of the transaction is $229,328.

Although General Dynamics is trading near its 52 week high of $147.62, it is lower today and has been trading below the previous day’s close.

The Falls Church, Va-based company stock has been given a bullish outlook by several analysts. Its last quarter (i.e. for quarter ending may 2015) cash flows from operations grew drastically as compared to previous quarter (i.e. for quarter ending December 2014) cash flows, which was negative.

General Dynamics' day trading range is between $141.46 and $143.57, it's market value is approximately $46.88 billion.

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