Fairfax County Government Comments About Examiner Dulles Rail Editorial

Fairfax County Government Center image by Metro Business Media, Inc

Fairfax County Director of Public Affairs, Merni Fitzgerald is refuting claims made by a Washington Examiner newspaper editorial that the Dulles rail project is no longer on schedule, is over budget, and lacks transparency to the public.

The statement was posted on the Fairfax County government website calling the editorial titled "Airports authority head lied, and transparency died", a piece full of inaccuracies and stating opinions as facts.

Fitzgerald zeroed in on one particular line from the editorial stating "Fairfax County taxpayers are responsible for all Phase I cost overruns, which are now approximately $240 million to cover the six-month delay." The editorial blamed former Fairfax County Board Chairman Gerry Connolly current board Chairwoman Sharon Bulova for the alleged accounting errors. Fitzgerald said that the statement was erroneous and was based on speculation.

The Director stated that by the County's calculations, only 16.1 percent of Phase I costs over budget would be at the expense of Fairfax County tax payers.

According to the County the cost responsibilities are as follows; the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) will pay 4.1 percent, Loudoun 4.8 percent and Fairfax 16.1 percent; the 75 percent remainder is funded by the Dulles Toll Road and state and federal funding.

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