Dunkin' Donuts Set to Open in North Rockville

Dunkin' Donuts Set to Open in North Rockville

Breakfast will soon be served to more than 2,500 employees at the new National Cancer Institute Headquarters and Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus.


On the other side of Key West Avenue, 1,650 square feet is being leased by Dunkin' Donuts. The ground floor retail space is the part of the first phase of the new Mallory Square apartments.


Incomes within a mile radius of the property reach $128,741 according to JBGR Retail, which is handling the retail space marketing and leasing of the mostly residential project.


Mallory Square is actually the first residential project approved in the Great Seneca Science Corridor by the Montgomery Planning Board. The Great Seneca Science Corridor is a portion of Montgomery County's largest and most stable office market in North Rockville. In 2010 planners and county council approved rezoning of office parks to allow for multifamily residential projects.

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