DCWeek 2011 Proves "Computer Geeks" Know How to Party

This past Friday night, crowds gathered at D.C.'s renowned 9:30 Club for the kickoff of this year's Digital Capital Week (DCWeek)—a week-long series of events focused on the creative technological community. A mix of young entrepreneurs and D.C., Maryland and Virginia locals came out to celebrate and support up-and-coming bands from the all over the region. From 10:30 p.m. until 3:00 a.m., patrons mingled with old friends and new acquaintances. They bobbed their heads and danced the night away to the beats of bands such as The Silver Liners, Modern Man, and Drop Electric. The tunes varied from upbeat dance anthems to heartfelt rock 'n roll and haunting instrumentals. One enthusiastic customer, Ashleigh from Potomac, Maryland, was initially unsure of what type of vibes to expect from the crowd. When asked how she felt about the event, she exclaimed that it "seems to be a good group of people enjoying themselves. I thought it would be a good opportunity to see other bands...and it has been!" Another satisfied participant was David, a District resident who felt it was "great to give local bands this opportunity."

Those on the other end of the spectrum also felt the night was a success, but had a general concern regarding the scheduling. While one band member claimed there was "a good mix of music," he and others agreed that it was "really hectic to set up," considering the lineup sported eight bands, "but it was fun!" Another bandmate suggested a smaller lineup would have been better, so that each group could have more time to perform. Perhaps less is more, as the number of participants dwindled as the night wore on.

On the other hand, despite beginning their set at 12:40am, members of Drop Electric were pleasantly surprised by the turnout and the number of people who stayed to hear them. That night happened to be the bands debut performance at the venue. After their set they congregated outside, reflecting on the "attentive crowd's great energy" and expressed how it was "refreshing that so many would come out for D.C. bands. It was great of 9:30 Club to host us."

With so many positive reactions from band members and patrons alike, the rest of DCWeek is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Badges can be purchased on the Web site for those who wish to attend specific events that are not open to general public.

Considering Friday was only the beginning, and time sure does fly by when you are having fun, check out the rest of these entertaining and thought-provoking workshops, community events, conference keynotes, and more by visiting www.digitalcapitalweek.org. DCWeek runs through November 11th.

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