Up and Coming Businesses: Arts Organization Trumpets the "Party Animal"

Many often wonder about the art scene here in Washington D.C. area. While the district offers its fair share of museums, studios and more, the public often neglects artists on the other side the border. Just as the Metro transports visitors and locals into the city, it also offers an escape to areas in the opposite direction that are less explored.

Rockville The Town Square -- located just blocks from the Rockville Metro station -- is home to the VisArts center building. Although it provides a multitude of classes for children and adults, as well as studio space for local artists, there are many still struggling to gain an audience.

Area natives, Jeremy Aronson and Dan Lefkow, are looking to step outside of center, and onto the scene, by hosting and promoting events devoted to the arts. They seek to “build a hub for creative individuals across many fields to gather, network and publish, as well as try to share the promotional and financial burdens of being a successful artist in a square town.” This weekend, the friends are excited to announce their organization’s first event of 2012 - Trumpet Mouse Presents: this Friday the 13th, 2012.

The show is set to take place at Band Kamp, a brightly decorated warehouse located at 12017 Nebel St in North Bethesda and within walking distance of the White Flint Metro station. The lineup consists of six musical performers, poets and guest speakers. Vendors will also have booths set up, displaying art and fashionable wares. Doors open to the public at 7:30pm with a $10 cover and invitation to BYOB.

What is Trumpet Mouse exactly? According to their Facebook page, “Trumpet Mouse is a party animal. A many-headed hydra of artists, musicians, poets, and freethinkers based out of the DC area, banded together to combine their efforts and resources to create a supportive community.”

That’s just the beginning, however. Aronson and Lefkow plan to project the party across the oceans. They believe that through art, literature and music, the thoughts and visions of luminaries can reach the world. The goal is to inspire people to get involved and form a network of globally conscious party people.

Future events will be held in order to raise awareness and funds for those in need. Creatives will also have the opportunity to have their work published and promoted. As will be stated during a presentation preceding the show, “All of our events will have a portion of the proceeds going to artists involved, a portion going back to the T.M. umbrella, and a portion going to various charitable organizations and causes we feel are genuinely doing good and making a difference.”

Despite Friday the 13th’s reputation for being a day of bad luck, perhaps this event will be just what is needed to bring some positive change to communities both near and far.

Anyone interested in partnering with Trumpet Mouse may wish to attend their PowerPoint presentation, which will begin at 6:30pm at the venue. More information on the show is available on the Facebook event page

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